Peer reviewers 2019

Peer reviewers


We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of all peer reviewers. Cochrane Wounds aims to involve clinical, peer and consumer reviewers in the assessment of all protocols and reviews before publication.

In addition to our editors, the following people have contributed to the peer review process in 2019:

Amanda Roberts
Ann Fonfa
Anne-Marie Bagnall
Beryl De Souza
Camila Pino
Clifford Richardson
Chunhu Shi
Devi Prasad Mohapatra
Duncan Chambers
Elizabeth McInnes
Emma Connaughton
Harun Juwale
Jacky Edwards
Jamie Fenton
Janet Gunderson
Janet Wale
Janet Yarrow
Jason Wong
Karen Dearness
Malcolm Brewster
Mamta Shah
Michael Gallagher
Niroshan Kumar
Pinar Avsar
Rebecca Jessup
Roy Buffery
Sarah Rhodes
Sharon Van Wicklin
Sorrel Burden
Teresa Lopes
Una Adderley
Victoria Pennick