Peer review

Peer review for Cochrane protocols and reviews

In accordance with the Cochrane peer review policy, all Cochrane Wounds protocols and reviews are commented on by external peer reviewers prior to publication.

We invite at least one clinical or topic specialist, a statistician and/or methodologist, and a consumer (healthcare service user) to provide feedback on each draft protocol and review. 

The Cochrane Wounds Managing Editor, in collaboration with the Editorial Assistant, is responsible for managing the peer review process, which is overseen by the Coordinating Editors.

Our reviewers may be experts in a particular field, or healthcare users - both provide a valuable contribution and help to ensure that our reviews are useful and usable. 

External reviewers are not always expected to have expertise in systematic review methodology. As a clinician or healthcare user, you could be asked to comment on:

  • the healthcare issue and the interventions under review
  • the planned parameters for studies to be included in the final review (inclusion criteria - populations, interventions, study designs and outcomes)
  • general 'readability' of the protocol and review

We ask peer reviewers to return their feedback on a protocol or review within 21 days.

If you would like to be an external reviewer for our protocols and reviews, please contact the Editorial Team or complete our contact form which includes a space for you to indicate which topic areas are of interest to you. 

We provide guidance for reviewers, use a structured feedback form and acknowledge their contribution in the published review. We have an open peer review process where all reviewers' names and affiliations are available to authors. If you have any reason to suspect misconduct at any stage of our peer review process, please contact our Managing Editor.