Registering a title

Registering a title 


Our resources are limited and we cannot accept all title applications. In accordance with Cochrane strategy which focuses on improving and maintaining the quality of our reviews and ensuring we are using our resources wisely, we are only able to accept review title proposals from teams including an experienced author with:

  • A track record of having published at least one high quality Cochrane review in a timely manner
  • Knowledge of how clinical trials are conducted to ensure accurate analysis of studies

Before you decide on your topic for a review, please consider the following points:

  • Is the review question important to service-users, healthcare providers and healthcare funders?
  • Does the review question involve an intervention, and if so, is this intervention in current use?
  • Are there any randomised controlled trials on the topic?

If you can answer 'yes' to the above questions, please also make sure your proposal does not duplicate any work already published or registered with Cochrane.

Search The Cochrane Library for any published protocols or reviews related to your topic of interest.  A full list of Cochrane Wounds registered titles, published protocols and reviews can be found on our website here.

Title format

We use the following format for Titles:

[Intervention] for [condition], e.g. Alginate dressings for venous leg ulcers.


[Intervention A] versus [intervention B] for [health problem/ issue] e.g. Scalpel versus electrocautery for abdominal incisions


[Intervention] for [health problem/issue] in [participant group] e.g. Tissue adhesives for traumatic lacerations in children and adults

Please try to keep your title short and to the point, and avoid medical terms if possible: for example use “children” rather than “paediatric population”.

Once you have a suitable topic in mind, please log in to Editorial Manager for Cochrane Musculoskeletal, Oral, Skin, and Sensory Network and select Submit New Manuscript. For further information see our instructions for authors on submitting new proposals.

If we are interested in your initial proposal we will invite you to submit a full review proposal via an online form within Editorial Manager.

As far as possible we keep to strict timescales: protocols must be delivered within 12 months of a title being registered. If we have not received your protocol after 12 months, we may de-register your title, and make it available to other authors.