Declaration of interest

The Cochrane Collaboration's policy states that the performance of the review must be free of any real or perceived bias introduced by receipt of any benefit in cash or kind, any hospitality, or any subsidy derived from any source that may have or be perceived to have an interest in the outcome of the review.

Please note in particular that:

  • Authors who in the last three years have received financial support from commercial sponsors or sources who have a real or potential financial interest in the findings of the review cannot be lead authors. The majority of authors involved in a review should have no relevant conflicts of interest of this kind. This financial support includes, but is not limited to, consultancy fees, grants and fellowships.
  • Authors cannot be current employees of a company that has a real or potential financial interest in the outcome of the review (including but not limited to drug companies or medical device manufacturers), or have been employed by such a company in the last three years.
  • The new Conflict of Interest Policy for Cochrane Library Content applies to titles that were registered, or where the decision was made to update, after October 1, 2020.

Please read the Cochrane Collaboration's policy on Conflict of Interest carefully and contact the Editorial Base as soon as possible if you or any of the authors on your review feel they might have a relevant conflict of interest.