Review authors

Become a Cochrane review author


In accordance with Cochrane strategy which focuses on improving and maintaining the quality of our reviews and ensuring we are using our resources wisely, we are only able to accept review title proposals from teams including an experienced author with a track record of having published at least one high quality Cochrane review in a timely manner.

When writing a systematic review for Cochrane Wounds, you need to ...

  • make a long-term commitment to the review, as our reviews are updated every two years after the initial publication
  • be part of a team including a minimum of two authors whose skills should include specialist knowledge of your title topic, and statistical and methodological expertise
  • have advanced level knowledge and understanding of relevant study designs (randomised controlled trials and/or non-randomised studies depending on review topic), risks of bias and relevant statistics
  • write in a high standard of fluent English, as all Cochrane reviews are published in English

The Cochrane Reviewers' Handbook outlines the methods and requirements of a Cochrane review. This handbook will give you an idea of the amount of work involved in a Cochrane review. Further methodological and editorial guidance is available in our bank of essential resources for authors.

You should also read What does Cochrane expect of authors, and what can authors expect of Cochrane? which provides useful advice for review teams.

Building the right author team is essential. Your team should include:

  • at least two people
  • an experienced Cochrane review author
  • a specialist with expertise in the topic area of the title you are registering
  • a specialist with methodological and statistical expertise

Review topics should be in high priority areas where there are likely to be studies. You should search The Cochrane Library to make sure your topic does not duplicate another review question.

Before beginning a review, you need to ensure that you do not have a potential Conflict of Interest.

When you have assembled a team and decided on a topic area, you can get in touch with us to register a title.