Scope of our reviews

We are responsible for producing and regularly updating reviews of interventions for the prevention and treatment of all wounds and their complications. This will include interventions for the primary prevention of pressure ulcers, leg and foot ulcers; interventions to prevent complications of wounds, e.g. surgical wound infection, scarring; and interventions to aid the healing of wounds (including burns) e.g. dressings, bandages, support surfaces. We also undertake reviews in the broad area of healthcare acquired infection where the question does not fall in the scope of another group.

Cochrane Wounds works most closely with Cochrane AnaesthesiaBreast CancerColorectalInjuriesMetabolic and Endocrine Disorders, Vascular and Skin. Cochrane Vascular conducts reviews in arterial and venous disease in which wound healing or incidence is not a primary outcome measure. Cochrane Injuries conducts reviews on the prevention of burns and the care of the burned patient.  Cochrane Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders is concerned with evidence about the prevention and treatment of diabetes overall whilst Cochrane Wounds is concerned with ulcers in people with diabetes only. Where there is overlap Groups employ a well-established process of discussion and arbitration.

To see the titles of our published protocols and reviews please go to Our reviews.