Due to changes in NIHR funding in evidence synthesis, this Cochrane Group is no longer active

Cochrane Wounds was established in 1995 and has been producing high-quality systematic reviews ever since. Across the 28 years that we’ve been in operation, we’ve worked with over 1000 authors, and over 300 peer and consumer reviewers. Our team has evolved over the years as well, benefiting from the dedication and expertise of Managing Editors, Editorial Assistants and Information Specialists alongside our Editors and Translators. Cochrane Wounds has been hosted by both the University of York and the University of Manchester and formed part of the University of Manchester’s trio of Cochrane Groups, alongside Oral Health and Bone, Joint and Muscle Trauma.

Today, there are 181 published Cochrane Wounds reviews in the Cochrane Library, all designed to meet the needs of the public, clinical decision-makers, policymakers and guideline developers. This represents a significant collective achievement made up of hundreds of thousands of words and an unthinkable number of references!

We are extremely grateful to all our contributors over the years who made this possible. While Cochrane Wounds will cease to exist, all your hard work will remain as the foundation of future guidelines, policies, reviews and research. So, the whole Cochrane Wounds team would like to say a huge thank you to all our authors, peer reviewers, readers, translators and colleagues.

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