Authors - tell us your impact stories!

    Our UK funders (The National Institute for Health Research) have asked us to send them impact stories for the period 2004-2014.

Please share with us via email any brief example of impact related to your Cochrane Wounds review. Whilst our funders are particularly interested in UK impact, any good global story would be useful too. We’re looking for examples of:

  • A cost benefit / saving, or potential saving to the UK National Health Service or any other health care system that you are aware of. Real, actual savings (that is, where we know the review has been actioned) are of most interest but potential savings had the results of a review been appropriately actioned are also important. 
  • A change in policy / practice in the NHS or your country’s health care system. As above, real changes are important but potential ones are also relevant.
  • Personal or more human impact stories. Please interpret this broadly. One story about one patient can be powerful.
  • Whether a Cochrane review could be said to have significantly changed or informed a guideline. If you know that one of your reviews played a critical part in a key recommendation, please let us know.
  • Evidence of international impact, e.g., how individuals working with us have increased research capacity. Has working with Cochrane for example helped you to progress your career, or build a research interest or a department focus, or has it led to you being involved in other things that could benefit human health more generally?
  • Examples of how a review has identified gaps that have been picked up by funders, e.g., by them then financing a study or trial.